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May 16, 2013 by Jenny Brown

I was delighted to be asked recently to be a part of "BalletX," a benefit exhibit at
Bridgette Mayer Gallery in Philadelphia which goes on view in July. There was only one catch-work for the show had to be made or presented on a 10" x 10" cradled board. I've tried to display my collages in this manner before, but it hasn't been that successful. I always found myself fumbling over the process, so frustrated that I couldn't slow myself down enough to be more thoughtful about mounting and treating the materials. I can't do something like this, I told myself-
I like making my work my way because there is a sense of immediacy in results!

But I have found that when I stop taking risks and trying new things, my work can become too repetitive. Since I knew exactly what images I wanted to develop in the collages, I was really able to focus my energy on mastering the art of preparing these board presentations. As much as I have always hated creating/building/making things that take "too many steps," (much the way I dislike cooking because of the many steps),  this process became almost mediative for me--fixing the paper to board, using a roller to smooth out bubbles, and finally, the biggest step-varnishing! 

Once mounted on board, I found my collages taking on a new role in space, and a new presence, and I really liked it. Maybe it's that the collage on board allows the viewer to get closer to the work, where as in a frame there is the barrier of the glass? Or perhaps it's the element of having a work that is more of an "object," having more density?

I'm glad I didn't let my usual fear of messing things up keep me from trying this. And I certainly did mess up on the first few pieces-streaky, clumpy varnish, wrinkled paper, etc. But I didn't wallow in the loss of a few collages to some less-than-stellar varnishing. My freshman year Introduction to Painting teacher's advice was echoing in my head all during this experiment. She said it was never good to get immediately attached to a work-there are always things that can be improved about the piece (but you might not always get it right). That it's better to give it a shot and possibly ruin something, rather than sit there too satisfied with a first attempt. If it gets ruined, it was never really good in the first place. Excellent advice that once again rang true during this project. So I went ahead a ruined a few pieces, and ended up with Flowering Bark (shown above). Infinitely better than the pieces I started with.
April 29, 2013 by Jenny Brown

In response to some of the world events of the past few weeks, I have decided to make "regeneration" a theme in my new series of collages. I see shells and bulbs finding a new direction for their growth, roots breaking new ground, and stems and branches that are reaching for light, becoming reborn. I wanted to make works that give the feeling of radiating energy, in the hopes of reminding myself and the viewer that even in the darkest of circumstances, life and light will prevail.
March 26, 2013 by Jenny Brown

My solo show, Barnacles & Blossoms, is now up at Voltage Coffee & Art in Cambridge, MA through
April 13th

Working with Voltage has been such fun,  and I am so thrilled with the care 
and consideration they gave to the installation and promotion of my work.
The pieces in this show focus on my "flowering creature" series, which are developed with ink,
gouache and found collage and papers.

If you happen to be in the Kendall Square area, please stop by Voltage for the amazing coffee, treats, and art-loving atmosphere!
Voltage Coffee & Art-295 Third St, Cambridge, MA through April 13th.
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Jenny Brown is a Providence-based artist who loves drawing, collage, and working with found materials- especially old paper.

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