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October 09, 2012 by Jenny Brown

I'm getting ready to install my show at Castleton State College this weekend,
so I thought I'd share some of the ideas I had when I created the work. The show runs through November 20th at the Christine Price Gallery.

"This selection of work from 2011/2012 focuses on my exploration of creating harmony amongst elements of the natural world. Bringing together seemingly different species to create a single entity, I strive to show how something beautiful can perhaps blossom from what may be at first glance an unlikely pairing of creatures. In this melding of plant an animal, I discover flowers cascading from the darkest corners of nature, sea creatures reaching out of the ocean to exist in a world of light, and dying roots tangling with new blooms to capture one last breath.
I have a special interest in working with found materials, and have incorporated antique collage pieces in these works. I like to think of the use of these materials as bringing new life to long forgotten stories-much like I see the images of plants in my drawings bringing new life to perhaps a long lost creature timidly emerging from the depths of the sea." Jenny Brown 2012
May 01, 2012 by Jenny Brown

I don't know how often one of my drawings clearly conveys what I was feeling when it was being
created, but I feel like this particular drawing expresses it perfectly. It was made a few hours after getting some hard news, news about a loss, and unable to focus on anything, I sat down to work. Maybe it's the combination of light and dark, or maybe it's the webbed lines that are both reaching and falling. Maybe it's because I realized after making the drawing that the minty green background was a color very much associated with the person I lost. Or maybe it is because I feel like the drawing shares the imagery of both a beginning and an ending, a new growth and the end of season. I think I am simply trying to find the beauty in all of it in this drawing.
March 18, 2012 by Jenny Brown

I was asked this weekend in an interview about the imagery in my recent work. A lot of different thoughts came to mind. Sometimes I see the imagery as a hybrid of undiscovered sea creature and plant, or maybe a snarled tangle of roots, a jellyfish, a bursting pod, or perhaps an abnormal flowering growth. Sometimes my view as to what they "are" changes from day to day. There is a constant in my work, though. I believe these forms, with their twisting tentacles and roots, are "reaching" for something, and I believe that "something" is harmony. This might be a harmony among species or harmony between blossom and bulb. Or perhaps these creatures are reaching from the dark depths they inhabit to attempt live in harmony in the world that light and flowers live in. In these drawings, I think I really hope to bridge the gap between the dark world and the light world.

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Jenny Brown is a Providence-based artist who loves drawing, collage, and working with found materials- especially old paper.

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