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March 18, 2012 by Jenny Brown

I was asked this weekend in an interview about the imagery in my recent work. A lot of different thoughts came to mind. Sometimes I see the imagery as a hybrid of undiscovered sea creature and plant, or maybe a snarled tangle of roots, a jellyfish, a bursting pod, or perhaps an abnormal flowering growth. Sometimes my view as to what they "are" changes from day to day. There is a constant in my work, though. I believe these forms, with their twisting tentacles and roots, are "reaching" for something, and I believe that "something" is harmony. This might be a harmony among species or harmony between blossom and bulb. Or perhaps these creatures are reaching from the dark depths they inhabit to attempt live in harmony in the world that light and flowers live in. In these drawings, I think I really hope to bridge the gap between the dark world and the light world.

January 15, 2012 by Jenny Brown

I have always been a collector of all things paper. As a child, I gleefully hoarded bookmarks,
packaging materials, and everyday fashion magazines. Then I would make my own
copies of them, settling down to work on recreating Cover Girl advertisements
and Glamour magazine covers in an attempt to master their design. To this day, I'm always
looking for paper. Finding an antique greeting card or an old book about plant life 
is a truly joyful experience for me. But now, it's seeing what these materials can turn into,
what new life they can have, or what story they can tell, that motivates me to search for them.
These finds never disappoint me. There is both a challenge and good fun in trying to uncover 
the hidden potential in these paper treasures.

August 20, 2011 by Jenny Brown

I think making this drawing was the moment when making art changed for me. It was in the early 2000s, and I was spending day after day painting (and I wasn't really that good at it). Or maybe I should say my heart wasn't really in painting. One night, I took the plunge and did something I had always wanted to draw on a collection of  sketches I had found a few years earlier in a trash can. I didn't know who they belonged to, but from what I could gather from my analysis of them, they were a collection of children's drawings about soldiers and various military scenarios. I took an oil stick and a bottle of ink and got to work. The whole process felt good to me. I felt like I got to bring new life to old stories,  and that I had to make sense of and try to understand something that was incomplete. They weren't all successful, but I think the one in this post was, mostly because I realized in the moment of making it how much I loved found materials and messiness and ink and drawing. I never really painted again after I made this drawing, so in sense, this drawing was really the beginning for me. In that moment, all the worries and stress I had when I was painting disappeared. 
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Jenny Brown is a Providence-based artist who loves drawing, collage, and working with found materials- especially old paper.

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